We are a full service design, development, and manufacturing agency with over 40 years of expertise in product development and global sourcing.



Our team of experts along with our outstanding overseas partners can handle various product categories, different price points and low minimums while delivering consistent results. When outsourcing their product services to DEPECHE CO., fashion brands will not only have peace of mind, but also improve their bottom line by lowering their operating cost, improving their time to market and being more agile and responsive to the market needs.

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Fashion Design

Depeche Co. provides Our Design Team sketches lines/collections based on creative vision and any existing concept work. We gain a deep and constant understanding of your company's mission and then develop the essential assets to effectively convey that message.



Trend and Concept

We provide seasonal design concepts by presenting you with concept decks, mood boards, trend call-out sheets, color palettes, and trending fabrications. We also advise on design concepts based on constant trend forecasting, market research, sample shopping, etc.



Full Development Packages

Our expert Design Team provides professional production-ready technical packages for all sewing details. As a part of our full development packages, our Product Development Team sources multiple fabric & trim options from our extensive network of wholesale vendors. our Tech Design Team develop point-of-measure specs for each style based on extensive consultation with you regarding the fit of the overall brand and each individual style. Once complete, full development packages are ready to be passed off to the manufacturer.



Production Services

Our Production Management Team will coordinate and communicate with the manufacturer (either here in the US or abroad) to stay on schedule and consult on top of production approvals. Our team will work with the factory to provide you with detailed costing sheets on your production runs. we make sure the factory is set up properly for production and ready to produce your bulk goods. Our team can manage your bulk goods from the beginning of production until they exit the factory.



Prototype and Sample Management

Our project managers will create time-and-action calendars with important deadlines for you and your business partners to follow. Our Product Development Team will set you up properly with a factory/factories in our global network to ensure your line is developed with the upmost quality at the best cost. Once full development packages are passed off to the manufacturer, our team will coordinate and communicate with the factories (either in the U.S. or abroad) throughout the sample rounds. After each prototype is complete, we will conduct professional fittings on fit models either at the factory or in our office to update each sample/development package until the fit is approved.


Whether you are an early stage fashion brand or already in business, we will help you build a successful fashion business!